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Artist: Dan Northcott

W E L C O M E   TO   M Y   N E W   W E B S I T E!

Naked Muse – In the Body of Nature

The state of nudity is the state of being human.
Having a naked skin and understanding the evolution of that naked skin is understanding everything about being human.

We do not have bodies, we are bodies. We are bodies, made of the same stuff as all other life forms on our planet. For example, there is the body of a mountain, heavenly bodies, or oceanic bodies (etc.) and although we seldom think of trees or plants as bodies, – they are! Therefore we ought to love and honor the body, our own bodies, and the bodies of all other life-forms on the planet.

Yet the female body, in particular, remains to be the site of conflict where we see both worship and loathing of our bodies, very similar to what we see happening with our environment. Our present ecological crisis will not begin to turn around until we change at a very basic level how we feel about bodies and about the material creation in all its incredible variety and richness and forms. If we reclaim our bodies we will in turn reclaim the body of the world.

It is my goal that the images I will be providing (and through my writings) will capture the inspiration and strength of the wonderful planetary body we call Earth, our home and at the same time restoring the respect of the female form. ~ Susannah

 With many thanks to Sallie McFague, author of “The Body of God”


Model Society:  Susannah

Model Mayhem: 313244



2 responses

  1. you look so passionate and dynamic in your photos…congratulations for your work!
    *i just want to let you know that the Facebook widget at the bottom right of your page doesn’t work unless you use an actual Facebook page (not personal profile address)…so now it just shows i big empty white box…
    take care!!! 🙂

    February 24, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    • susanmward

      Thanks for the kudos sweetheart!!!
      Yeah, it was down for a reason and I was reluctant to put it back up but thank you for reminding me! Because of you my facebook page is now active! Thanks love!!

      March 6, 2014 at 8:11 pm

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